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    Get high quality live viewers and chatters on any twitch channel!

    50 Live viewers
    100 Channel followers
    Unlimited channels

    20 Chatters
    500 Channel views
    Unlimited usage


    Direct access!
  • Powerful Features

    We know what our clients want, check out some of our features!

    Twitch compatible
    Customizable control panel

    Unlimited usage
    No monthly subscriptions

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    We have a great team of professional customer support representatives!

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Why choose Streambot?

  • Online Control Panel - We are the first streaming service with an online web panel that allows you to have full control. Simply sign in and have instant access. It's even available on multiple devices.
  • Unlimited Channels - You can use any Twitch channel you like, boost yourself or your friends with our unlimited channel feature. Don't use it against someones will.
  • Unlimited Usage - Most streaming services fall short when it comes to time limits and delays. We provide unlimited time 24/7, so you can use it whenever and however long you like!
  • Fully Customizable - Decide what to send, when to send. Our systems are fully automated and responsive. Designed using the newest technologies to meet your criteria! Give the demo a try for more!
  • Safe & Anonymous - When we designed this service, we had your privacy in mind. Please read our privacy policy for more information.
  • Friendly Support - We have a great team of professional customer support representatives that are happy to help you with any question or problem!

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Customer Reviews

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Sometimes I would only receive 90% of the live viewers, they could improve on this part.
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Chatters really make it look legit, they had excellent names and held universal conversations.
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I received direct access to the Control Panel after checkout and could start streaming right away.
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They offer online support. They were very nice and helpful. The support was one of the highlights.
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The package prices are low, but they do not include that many viewers. I'd like to see 400 or 500 live viewer packages.